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Rajiv Khanna

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Fav Stock Of Dolly Khanna & Mohnish Pabrai Plunges In Wake Of Porinju Veliyath’s Prophecy

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What are the common buying motives of customers ?

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Dolly Khanna Latest Portfolio This article can be regarded as Dolly Khanna blog because it will report the latest portfolio of Dolly Khanna and Rajiv Khanna.

While the name Dolly Khanna is well-known on Dalal Street, few in the market know about Rajiv Khanna, the real hero. A chemical engineer from IIT Madras, Rajiv Khanna worked for ICI Ltd, a pharmaceutical company as a research person in the field of industrial explosives and blasting physics.

As ofKhanna was a Vice President for Strategic Initiatives at Smart Utility Systems, an energy efficiency company with an office in Santa Clara.

Smart Utility Systems produces software for water conservation and for reducing electricity September 13, (age 41), Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S. A high-conviction stock pick of Dolly Khanna & Mohnish Pabrai has sunk like a stone.

While novices and punters are shell-shocked, the veterans had seen it coming. Home. With three generations of commercial and industrial painting contracting experience on public works and private sector, we work our best on the job and believe in delivering the project in a timely manner, with all the necessary safety in a cost effective way.

“Buying motives are psychological, not logical”.

Twinkle Khanna

Psychology is the science which analyses and classifies the varying states of the human mind. It is a science which studies the human mind.

Dolly Khanna Latest Portfolio 2018 (Updated November 2018)

In his day-today contacts, the salesman meets various types of persons with different requirements and reactions.

Khanna company
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