History of michigan

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History of Michigan

The bustling logging village of Hamlin was in existence fromand was the predecessor for Hamlin Lake and the Ludington State Park. Michigan’s religious history differs somewhat from that of many of the other states of the Midwest in its early predominance of Roman Catholicism.

Because the first European settlers in Detroit were French Roman Catholics, many immigrants of that faith were attracted to the city even before the large Irish, Italian, and Polish immigrations of the.

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's PICTURE 1 's picture of the old Sturgeon River Bridge located just south of Alberta on old US Highway PICTURE 2 's picture of the old Sturgeon River Bridge located just south of Alberta on old US Highway Michigan History Center - Michigan Historical Center.

unavocenorthernalabama.com Welcome to the Michigan History Center. Our job is to discover, preserve and share the. A BRIEF HISTORY OF MICHIGAN Michigan Before the Europeans When French explorers first visited Michigan in the early seventeenth century, there were.

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