Exhaust emission control techniques in automobiles latest trends

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Emission control system

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Emission test results from individual vehicles are in many cases compiled to evaluate the emissions performance of various classes of vehicles, the efficacy of the testing program and of various other emission-related regulations (such as changes to fuel formulations) and to model the effects of auto emissions on public health and the environment.

In-Use Passenger Car Emissions. The in-use emissions from passenger cars exceed the new car standards mandated by law.

Nonetheless, emissions continue to decrease in spite of high tampering rates and fuel switching (that is, using leaded fuel in engines developed to run on unleaded fuel).

minimizing engine losses such as friction, reducing the energy penalty of the emission control system, and using recovered waste energy in propulsion.

Vehicle emissions control

Compliance with exhaust emission regulations will be mandated and requires aftertreatment technologies integrated with the engine combustion approaches. Table Exhaust Emission Standards for Gasoline- and Diesel-Fueled Vehicles, Colombia Air Pollution from Motor Vehicles.

Air Pollution from Motor Vehicles Pollution • • • Pollution. Emission test results from individual vehicles are in many cases compiled to evaluate the emissions performance of various classes of vehicles, the efficacy of the testing program and of various other .

Exhaust emission control techniques in automobiles latest trends
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