Challenging stereotypes

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Challenging Stereotypes

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Unibrow movement: The model challenging beauty stereotypes

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November/December Issue. Tech-Savvy Older Adults — Staying Connected, Challenging Stereotypes By Christina Reardon, MSW, LSW Social Work Today. 3 A4 sheets with 15 descriptions for cutting up. Set of 10 for giving to pairs or groups to put in order of who you'd most/least like to invite to speak to class.

Set of 5 for giving out later reveals truth: there are actually 5 not 10 people, all real, b /5(42). Addressing stereotypes in class is the most effective safeguard against the perpetuation of stereotypical beliefs. Set parameters to discourage inappropriate comments in class as well as at service sites, but do provide an open forum for students' sincere questions and concerns.

This PowerPoint contains four thought-provoking activities focusing on challenging stereotypes. There are many ways you can challenge gender stereotypes.

For example, you can refuse to repeat gender stereotypes, have conversations with people about the ways you see gender represented in the media and engage with media that shows gender in more diverse ways.

Sex, Laws & Stereotypes Authentic workplace anecdotes and practical tips for dealing with ADA, sexual harassment, workplace violence, and beyond.

Talking to young kids about gender stereotypes Challenging stereotypes
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Ten ways to challenge gender stereotypes in the classroom | Let Toys Be Toys