Business writing email salutations

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How to Write Business emails in Portuguese

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How to write business letters

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How to Make Initial Business Contact Through Email

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Using the right salutation for a business letter or email sets the tone in your message. It also shows the company you are writing to that you are familiar with proper business etiquette. Check out these basic rules for using salutations in business writing. The perfect way to start an email, especially when you're writing to a stranger, is to keep it simple.

Email greetings you should avoid are ones that could be construed as too casual, too formal, or even insulting. Effective writing requires shaping your words according to your audience, purpose and genre (or type of writing, e.g., an academic email).

Together these are sometimes called the rhetorical situation. Make sure that your business letters and emails use the correct salutations and endings. If you write business correspondence, you'll need to know how to start a letter (or email) and how to end the letter or email. A letter is one person's written message to another pertaining to some matter of common concern.

Letters have several different types: Formal letters and informal letters. Letters contribute to the protection and conservation of literacy. Letters have been sent since antiquity and are mentioned in the Iliad. Both Herodotus and Thucydides mention letters in their histories. In the Chinese business world, we’re also very particular about “礼仪” (lǐ yí), also known as “etiquette.” That means that formal letters need to have the correct salutations and wording.

Business writing email salutations
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Effective Business Writing for Executives: Salutations in Letters and Email